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To sing others’ songs, their words, their melodies, and to make them one’s own. 

I did this at age eight, with a comb in my hand. At thirteen, on my bed, on my back, fingers enlaced behind the nape of my neck.

At sixteen in bars, on streets. At twenty between two songs, in clubs.

 Today again, morning for courage, night in all impunity. And every time time stops. And a foreign feeling invades me, to be free and to be me. It is thanks to the great artists that I could dream and create.

 There are songs that are like Mantras that give me courage when life is a battle. When life is a gift, there are songs that say, “I am the proof.”

“All my tears” is my pagan rosary. 

To every song there is a corresponding emotion. A hope after a night of bad dreams and doubts. An ode to the rain that washes clean my torments. To breaking loose, like a safety valve. A promise, like a link between life here, there, and that which lies in between. A lullaby to calm my nerves. A smile enough and never too much.

“All my tears” is my anthology where every song is a tear, a drop of water, a bead of sweat. Each is tiny when viewed from afar, yet intimate and like at eight, thirteen or twenty, this is good for my soul.



Skye’s new album entitled All My Tears is above all a tribute to the songs that charted her musical progression.

 One could call it a cover album but this would detract from it, owing to her ability to make these melodies her own and allowing the lyrics to transcend themselves by extracting their brute emotion.

It’s after compiling all this music that Skye reconstructs and gives them a new form.

Skye is left-handed, yet she plays acoustic and electric guitar and the mandolin on right-handed instruments that she flips over. This contributes to her original style of playing and, by this act, the particular sound quality of the instruments she uses.

One could call her album folk, but Skye considers it the album of a warrior, like a collection of “prayers before battle,” a sort of “heavy folk,” in some ways.

Her lyrics are primarily in English.

For her four songs in French, Skye hoped to pay hommage to the writers/composers that she feels a particular affection for like Serge Gainsbourg, Claude Nougaro, JP Nataf, and Jacques Brel.

This album was recorded as two EPs of six tracks each, the first will be available starting December 1, 2008 on legal music downloading sites internationally.

JM KAJDAN/NO ACTING (English translation by Courtney Lenz)